Do you Know How to Select A Personal Injury Solicitor – Checklist

The relationship between client and lawyer is based on several defining criteria. First: Customer’s need. So, the first step: You need to be aware of the need for qualified legal services. But not all lawyers can offer the same legal services at the same level of quality and not at the same cost. For this reason, choosing the lawyer according to your need is essential to your cause.

The right attorney does not contribute exclusively to the success of a judicial approach, as the choice of the right lawyer does not guarantee the success of the same action. For example, if your case is about claims, you should choose personal injury claims solicitors.

Before choosing a personal injury solicitor, be sure to understand some of the key issues:

What do you choose

A lawyer or a member of the Constitutional Bar? Various people have arisen who arrogate their legal status. According to the legislation in force, the lawyers carry out their activity in accordance with Law 51/1995. Those who argue as lawyers as a result of their membership in the Constitutional Bar are not lawyers, and their activity is a criminal offense. Do not use these people’s services to encourage this criminal phenomenon and do not to be a victim of it.

The lawyer is an independent professional

He is not obliged to take your case, even if you are convinced that justice is on your side. Just like the practice of other services, the lawyer has the right to select his client: according to his own beliefs and in accordance with his professional and material interests.

Not all of them have the same level of professional training

Before requesting the services of a lawyer, you need to document the level of his studies, go through his CV and even study his portfolio. Certainties related to the competence can only be provided when he has solved similar favorable causes. See this.

Not all lawyers have the same professional experience, even though their studies are impeccable. Most of the effort of a lawyer is specific to each case. The effort will be even lower as the lawyer is familiar with the general issue of the case. Therefore, do not hide from your lawyer from anything about the case. His role is not to judge you, but to give you the best advice. Knowing your case completely, the lawyer will be able to focus on certain details that can be capitalized and which may be essential in winning the case.

Give up myths like young = inexperienced, senior = experienced

As in all areas where professional experience plays an important role, even in law, youth is not a virtue in itself. But it can be an asset in cases where the innovating spirit is required to be capitalized and when the lawyer’s passion can reveal nuances that can be ignored by experienced lawyers, due to the often used patterns in current practice.

A man or a woman lawyer?

In recent years, more and more women joined the professional body of lawyers. Their work has confirmed that distinctions between female and male cannot be made. In many cases, the professionalism of female lawyers has led to their professional recognition.

A famous lawyer or a less known one?

The celebrity of a lawyer is, in most cases, the expression of his professional activity, but also the manifestation of some personal skills. There are less-known people with a level of professional training at is at least similar to that of famous ones. The notoriety is also related to his personality, his ability to capitalize on his professional success, his concern and his involvement in ensuring professional reputation.

Check this out:

The expensive or inexpensive lawyer?

The level of fees charged by lawyers is generally correlated with their involvement in supporting the specific approach. A low fee implies a low level of involvement and may lead to the attorney’s frustration during his activity. A big fee can someone more accountable for his work. Hourly rates are often the most equitable form of collaboration. There is a correlation between the level of fees charged, their degree of professionalism and the appreciation they enjoy in the law services market. It is worth noting that the approval of a small fee is not a goal for the client to pursue, because in the relationship such an economy can alter the client-law relationship.

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