Searching for a DWI Lawyer in Albany NY?

Why Get a DWI Lawyer?

The search for a DWI lawyer in Albany (New York) is not as difficult as you think. You only need to look in the right places. If you have been charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated), you definitely need an attorney to defend you. It is not easy to beat the charge without professional representation.

Getting convicted for the offense can have disastrous long-term implications. Think about your reputation, your chances of getting employment in the future, car insurance issues, financial implications, and so on. Surely, it is a wise decision to consult the experts from law firm like The DWI Guys with credibility and adequate experience to come to your rescue. They can help you minimize the consequences of the charges or get them dropped.

If you have a history of getting convicted for alcohol-related offenses, you are at risk of severe punishment. A worst case scenario can be prevented when you seek the services of a good attorney that specializes in DWI/DUI cases. The fact that you have practical understanding about legal stuff does not mean you can handle the case as well as an attorney.

A professional has experience in gathering evidence, working with other experts related to the case, and reviewing cases meticulously. He or she also has experience in countering the prosecution’s arguments. Attorneys specializing in alcohol-related charges are knowledgeable about various ways to tackle the case. If you have your best interests at heart, then do not go solo. The cases can get complicated and stressful.

What to Look Out for in Your Search

In searching for a DWI Lawyer in Albany NY, there are some very important criteria you should consider. Of course, the two on top of the list are experience and customer service. What you are looking for is a dedicated, prolific that specializes in such cases.

You can ask for attorneys to be recommended to you by family members or friends. Internet research always works. Make sure that your chosen professional is not a scammer. Beware of fraudster who are only concerned about your money, and will tell you anything to get it. Read more about that here.

Alcohol Tests

The law firm you are patronizing must be familiar with the procedures of alcohol tests conducted by law enforcement agencies. An experienced lawyer will not give up on you, even if the test result shows that the blood alcohol content (BAC) threshold was exceeded. This means that they will not push you into pleading guilty right away.

Some firms will wait for you to make the payment, then tell you to plead guilty. Do not fall for this trap. A good defense lawyer will always find a way. It all depends on adequate understanding of how the tests are carried out and the techniques involved. This is where meticulous review of cases and working with other experts comes into play.

For instance, it is a great plus if your representative knows how a Breathalyzer is used ― possibly everything about it. He or she should also be savvy about the defects of the machine. The Breathalyzer is a machine that is utilized during a breath test for BAC.

Read more about that here:

What about the field sobriety tests? The highest percentage of DWI cases in the past came about as a result of these examinations. Note that the results of these examinations can be disputed if the standard procedures were not followed.

You can ask the lawyers a series of questions to determine how well-informed they are about the tests and the machines used. If their responses do not meet your expectations, maybe you should continue the search. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Other Aspects

The legal fees depend on the gravity of the charges and other aspects. Do not be deceived by the estimates stated on websites. Estimates do not really tell how good the lawyers are.

Confirm that your license suspension/revocation case will be handled by the same person. If not, you may want to continue the quest. The case comes up when you are charged for DWI, but it is addressed in a different hearing.

With the all the above in mind, it is evident that you cannot take the risk to opt for self-representation when charged with. You only need to exercise patience to find the right person for the job. The Albany county policy on alcohol-related offenses is available online.

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