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CWI Claims – Claim Compensation For Cavity Wall Issues

In the United Kingdom at the moment it is estimated there are more than 70% of all cases of cavity wall insulation have been either mis sold or somehow faulty.

With the energy saving initiatives of the 1990s taking a toll on the nation by paving the way for many unscrupulous building firms to provide substandard work and many different agencies to mis sell cavity wall insulation on a grand scale.

Cavity Wall Mis Selling

Mis sold cavity wall insulation has been an issue for more than 20 years, with the number of affected properties being thought to be in excess of 3 million, with a large number of homeowners being able to claim compensation for mis sold cavity insulation.

Faulty Cavity Wall Insulation

Millions of UK homes have also been affected by faulty installations, this is also something for which compensation would be due, if the CWI installation is found to be faulty it will be possible to win a claim.

CWI Compensation Claims – No Win No Fee

Compensation for cavity wall insulation has been available to victims of mis selling now for  some years, with people claiming compensation for these mis sold and faulty building projects.

Many companies are offering claims management services on a no win no fee basis to the general public.

With cavity wall insulation claims it is important to be mindful of the claims process and how much of a difference it can make to have the right experts helping, to handle the process, if a mis selling victim were to pursue their own CWI claims it would be very difficult for them.

What Should You Look For In A Cavity Wall Claims Company?

The company you use to make a cavity wall claim should offer a no win no fee claims service,

Also the company should be able to deal with cavity claims of all types, that includes for stone properties and brick properties, houses and bungalows and terraced properties.

Also the company should have a track record of success which demonstrates their ability to handle a large volume of claims reliably, this will ensure that you are maximising your chances of having a good experience with whichever company you choose.

Making Sure The Claim Runs Smoothly

The best way you can be as sure as possible the cavity wall insulation claim will run smoothly is to have on hand a record of any and all documentation in relation to the cavity wall insulation, any docs for planning or receipts for the work, invoices or any other documentation that supports your claim and substantiates the sequence of events on the building project (mis selling and also any faulty work)..

Also be on hand to provide as much information as possible to the claims management company during the course of the claim to ensure there are no hold ups due to lack of information.

Also look for a claims management firm which handles these claims on a no win no fee basis to make sure there are no financial risks upfront.

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