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DWI Lawyer Rochester, NY Tips on What to Avoid when Looking for a DWI Legal Counsel

In this article, we will give you helpful tips as well as tools to help you recognize the best legal counsel to help you with your DUI or DWI situations. The problem with the apprehensions of people driving under the influence or an arrest in regards to drunk driving is very traumatic to a lot of people. The last thing you need is to hire an attorney that has no idea what they are doing. That is like adding insult to injury. Here is some example of red flags that you should be aware of when looking for a DUI or DWI lawyer.

A lawyer who is not licensed or do not practice in your city or state

If you have a DUI or DWI charges in any state in the country, it is advisable to hire a good legal counsel that is licensed in the area where you are apprehended to defend your case. To name a few reasons why is because criminal and DWI or DUI laws, as well as penalties, are different in every state.

Some have stricter laws than others. The rules are not consistent and always changing. You need to hire a legal counsel that is familiar with the rules and regulations as well as the criminal justice system of the place where you are arrested.

Lawyers who guarantee they can help you with your DWI or criminal charges, dismissed if possible. No one knows what will happen in the future. No lawyer can tell you what to do before the retention, examination or due law process and what will happen with your case. And certainly, no legal counsel can predict how the jury will decide. Any lawyer that gives you a guarantee that they can win your argument is just giving you false hope. It is very cruel and unethical.

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Lawyers who tell their clients all Driving under the Influence charges are “standard” in all places and will have the same result

It is not far from the truth. All driving while intoxicated, as well as criminal cases have a different set of circumstances. Depending on the presented facts, the laws in the area, the legal counsel, defending you as well as the strengths and weakness of the case; everything mentioned above can determine the outcome of your case and driving while intoxicated and criminal charges can get dismissed every time.

Some of the sentences can get reduced if appropriately presented. And some defendants can enter a negotiated plea deal with different terms. As they say, “Every case is different and there are a lot of possibilities that can happen.”

Legal counsels who use scare tactics

There’s a big difference between giving your information that is related to your case and the law process and trying to scare the clients in getting their services. After the consultation or after you hire legal representation, you should feel a lot more confident that you hire a dependable DUI attorney and you are in good hands, a lawyer that will fight tooth and nails to dismiss your DWI or DUI charges.

You should feel a peace of mind and a sense of trust with the lawyer you hired. Don’t think that if you do not employ a particular lawyer, you will get the maximum sentence allowed. You need to be confident in your lawyer’s capabilities to win your case.

A legal counsel that asks a higher asking price, a lawyer that discourages you from hiring a lawyer who charges lower because they are less competent

That is very wrong in every angle. There are no government agencies that dictate how much a legal counsel can charge their clients. When finding a lawyer that suits your needs, you will know that the asking price for a lawyer is subjective.

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It does not mean that if a lawyer charges their clients a lower asking price they don’t know what they are doing or if an attorney asks a price tag higher than the price of your home that they are the best and can help you get a positive result. The cost of an attorney depends on how hard they will work on your case to get a positive result.

Some prestigious lawyers ask a lower price because the situation is not that complicated and some legal counsels ask a higher rate because your case is too difficult to defend. There are a lot of reasons behind the asking price of a legal counsel. It includes the operating cost of the law firm, the needs of their staff, the size of the law firm, the expenses in their advertising, location as well as competition.


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