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An Immigration Lawyer Can Help as You Face Deportation  

One of the biggest fears that you might have as an immigrant is to face deportation. The government may issue this order on several grounds. You might commit a crime in the UK that constitutes a deportation. You might also fail to secure the necessary documents before entering the country. Therefore, deportation is a possibility. However, you need to remember that even if you are up for deportation, you still have the right to due process.

Therefore, you need top immigration lawyers UK law firms employ to be by your side as you go through this complicated process. It is not easy defending yourself in court when you already have a deportation order. You need to work hard and quickly with your lawyer to avoid getting deported.

Be truthful

 You need to explain to your lawyer everything about your case. It is easy for your lawyer to make a case for you if you tell the truth. You have a right to attorney-client privilege, so whatever information you provide to your lawyer will be confidential. Lying to your lawyer will only complicate the process.

Find all the documents

 If you want to challenge the deportation order and show that you went through the right channels to enter the country, you need proof to back things up. It helps if you keep all your documents so when they are necessary, you can show them. If you can’t find some documents, you need to provide a justification or submit an affidavit of loss.

Go through a criminal trial

 If you are a suspect in a crime that you are sure you did not commit, you will go through criminal prosecution. You need to tell your lawyer precisely what you know, and why you are innocent. If proven guilty, depending on the laws in your home country, you might still go to jail after deportation. To ensure that you will stay in the UK and live your life normally after the trial, you need to prove your innocence.

Don’t panic

 Your first reaction when you receive the deportation order is to panic. You will fear that you will go back to a country that you already left behind. If you have loved ones and relatives who are staying in the UK and you will be away from them, it becomes even more awkward.

If you think of fleeing the government officials to avoid deportation, you need to think twice. The authorities will still find you. If they do, you will have no more chance of staying in the UK. You will be seen as a flight risk, so you will most likely get immediate deportation.

The best thing to do is to find a lawyer, face the authorities, and show why you deserve to stay in the UK. If you can find people who can attest to your character, it will help your case. Things may not go your way in the end, but at least you had the chance to present your case and show why you deserve to stay in the country.


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