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How Skilled Workers Can Apply under Tier 2 visa Category

There are numerous visa options, which a person can avail while applying through the Tier 2 visa, as it is considered as a general category. So if you are a skilled worker and want to work and live in the UK, this visa category is ideal for you. The basic concept of this visa is to fill the open job vacancies on a long-term basis. You can apply for a UK visa as a skilled worker if you are a teacher, IT expert, accountant, own the experience of serving in the healthcare sector or any other profession mentioned in the Tier 2 occupation list. The Tier 2 Visa category is further divided into following subclasses. 1. Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) This visa is specifically designed for such workers who are employees of a company operating outside the EEA and the branch of such an overseas company is being operated in the UK. A person can only apply if a job role in such a branch of the overseas company is offered. Besides this, the applicant is bound to provide a certificate of sponsorship, which is obtained from the employer. The four visa options in this category include Skills transfer, Graduate Trainee, Long-term staff and Short-term staff. 2. Tier 2 (General) visa The skilled workers after receiving a job offer and a valid certificate of sponsorship may apply for the Tier 2 visa under general class. The UK employer, who is offering a certificate of sponsorship to a prospective employee, should possess the Tier 2 sponsorship license. What Documents You Should Provide Following are the necessary documents, which the applicant should provide in order to prove his/her eligibility to get this visa. Any kind of travel document including a Valid Passport A passport size photograph of the applicant There is a point based system to evaluate the skills of a worker and the candidate must obtain a minimum score of 70 points. The factors affecting this score are age, education, experience, English language proficiency etc Proof to show that the applicant is capable of bearing the financial expenses while living in the UK i.e Bank statements. Those who receive a financial cover from their Tier 2 sponsor are exempted from this rule Must provide Tuberculosis (TB) test result if the applicant belongs to a country that falls under the TB testing list of Home Office Tier 2 English language requirement The English language requirements for the Tier 2 visa are also required to be fulfilled by the skilled workers who are going to obtain a leave to enter the UK. The applicant must pass the approved English language proficiency test with required accumulative score. This requirement is generally imposed on the applicants who are citizens of non-English speaking countries or those who have not completed their education with English as the medium of instruction. The candidates are bound to provide the certificate or evidence showing that he or she has passed the English language test. However, there is an exception for those applicants who have completed their graduation or master’s degree in English as the medium of instruction.

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