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The Dos and Don’ts about Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

The process of filing a disability insurance claim is a complicated task. Each disability insurance claim provides their set of challenges. However, many of these challenges are not the reason why the claim is denied by an insurance company. The reason for the denial of claims is based on mistakes made during the process of filing a claim

What to Do when Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

The first thing to do when filing a disability claim is to quickly respond to all requests. Sometimes the insurance company will need additional information about a claimant’s finances, medical history or vocational training. Failure to provide these documents can result in delays in receiving a disability insurance determination.

Always respond in writing to any questions asked by the insurance company. Insurers may try to contact the worker by phone. When possible it’s best to respond to all claim-related questions in writing. Verbal answers are easily misinterpreted than written answers. The worker’s words can be used to deny their claim. So, it’s often to consult a disability insurance claims san diego ca attorney about claim-related questions. Always keep documents received from an insurance company about long-term disability claim. Take detailed notes during phone calls and keep track of the date, time and the representative’s name who called.

What not to do When Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

Never discuss an insurance disability claim online or on social media. It may be tempting to discuss the situation with a family member or friend, but an insurer can take advantage of the shared information. For instance, insurance companies often build a “history of behavior” based on a claimant’s social media activity. This behavior often works in their favor because assertions are distorted and can invalidate the disability claim.

Never perform work activities that are not consistent with your work limitations and restrictions. Once the claim is filed, the insurance company will run surveillance of the claimant. The surveillance is an attempt to prove the claimant isn’t disabled. This surveillance is while the claimant isn’t at work. Thus, doing things like lifting 10 pounds may get a disability claim denied when the claim is restricted from picking up things.

Never use words like “always” and “never” in an insurance disability claim. If the insurer finds evidence the claimant can or frequently does something they claim the never do, the claim can be denied. Therefore, based the answer on honest, not what will ensure the claim is approved.

Never agree to any evaluations or exams without a detailed understanding of the policy terms. The insurance company may want the claimant to undergo exams. However, the claimant’s policy may not require them comply.

Remember that Nothing is Off the Record

When discussing an insurance disability claim with an insurer, keep all information truthful, accurate and factually. Remember the representative is not the claimant’s friend. They will include all information said during a conversation. Any mistake can lead to the denial of benefits. Thus, it’s important to speak with a benefits lawyer regarding representation. A denial claim doesn’t mean the claimant can’t appeal the decision.

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