Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer When I Got Hit By a Drunk Driver 

First things to do when you got hit by a drunk driver

When you’re involved in a car accident, you need to assess whether you have injuries, call emergency hotlines like the police or an ambulance if there is severe damage and wait for help, and notify your lawyer and insurance agent right away that you are caught in an accident.

If the other party is under the influence of alcohol, you have the upper hand in winning the lawsuit. Regardless of this advantage, you still need to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can help you assess the situation and guide you in the legal process of filing a claim or lawsuit.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

  1. Follow legal obligation

It does not matter whose fault it is. When engaged in a car accident, it is one’s legal obligation to report this to state officials. In most cases, there are disputes between both parties so one will need representation, and the right people for these are lawyers. Nevertheless, you are protected and secured with a legal guide to exercise what rights you are entitled to.

Moreover, this is to document the incident. Such files are significant when filing for a claim in insurance companies as they require several requirements before securing the insurance money.

  1. Assurance of securing settlements

As mentioned, there will be a chance that disputes will happen. There are a lot of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) that can be done outside the jurisdiction of the court. So you can slow things out and not rush directly to the courtrooms. Still, you will need someone with an eye for legal terms and cases.

You can settle with the other party, assuming that it is their fault, with a certain amount to cover up the damages like physical injuries or concrete damages to property. You have the right to come up with an amount that you think will cover all the destruction. But remember, for every state, there is a minimum and maximum amount of entitled car insurance.

  1. High chance of winning the lawsuit

If it proceeds into a lawsuit, the courts require legal representation. In this case, you will need a car accident lawyer by your side. Citing an example, if you live in Savannah, get a Savannah car accident lawyer. It is always best to hire lawyers that are within the geographical location of your home.

You have a high chance of winning the lawsuit since the other party is under the influence of alcohol during working hours. But you also have to prove this to the judge and present various pieces of evidence.


Even if you take all the necessary precautions before driving, sometimes, it is not really your fault but the other drivers who drink and drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things to do as it will not only impact the life of the driver but other people and business as well. It is right and just to get a lawyer regardless if the case is winnable.


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