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How Do Cavity Wall Insulation Claims Work?

Cavity wall insulation has become a very hot topic in the United Kingdom as of late, with 70% of all the homes which had their cavity walls insulated thought to be either:

  1. A) Mis sold, as in provided to the customer when not necessary, or
  2. B) Undergone faulty workmanship

On both of these cases compensation could be due to the client if the work is indeed found to be faulty or if the cavity wall insulation is found to be mis sold.

For Cavity Wall Claims, How Much Compensation Is Due?

Usual amounts of compensation vary, however average values tend to be somewhere between £10,000-£23,000 dependant on different factors such as: how long the work will take to be fixed, and the cost of the damage and also the commission earned by the sales professional if they have been found to have mis sold the installation, also the price of the work will influence the amount of compensation.

How Long Does It Take To Fix If The Work Is Faulty?

This question is difficult to put a specific answer to because it depends on the level of work, access to the wall cavity and also the size of the project, if the project is larger scale or the building is made of stone then the correction becomes a much larger job, and much costlier.

If the cavity installation is bad, usually the insulation substance needs to be vacuumed out of the interior of the wall and the cavity, but from one project to the next there could be a lot more to take care of.

With stone cavity wall installations, the wall cavity is much more difficult to reach making it a much more difficult task which is much more time consuming to fix, making it at least 3-4 weeks longer if not more to rectify.

How Much Is The Cost To Correct The Cavity Installation?

The cost is several thousand pounds regardless of the size and type of property, and as you may expect the larger the property and the larger the project in terms of “cost to put right”, however the idea with the compensation is these costs are covered with an extra sum included for the inconvenience, the idea is to win compensation for the victim to help fix the issue but also give an extra sum of money on top to provide redress.

With the average amount of compensation around the £10,000-£23,000 point, cavity wall installation claims are becoming a popular way for people to win redress in the shorter term, claims of this nature take approximately 3 months until the victim receives compensation once the claim is completed.

Usually Claims are carried out on a no win no fee basis with no upfront financial risk to the client who is seeking compensation, this is to help them to make the decision to make a claim without any upfront risk.

If you wish to make a CWI claim feel free to contact one of the many companies’ in the market to help with the query (usually on a no obligation basis).

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