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Conflict at work, divorce, do you need a lawyer but the fees are too high for you? Know that you can benefit from legal aid in whole or in part.

A lawyer: a professional with free fees

In theory, a first contact with a lawyer is charged between 150 and 300 euros. Beyond, everything is about time spent on the case, so the complexity of the case. Be aware, however, that there are benchmarks allowing you to estimate the fees of a lawyer.

Find a free lawyer, it’s possible!

If the fees of a lawyer are out of your reach, there are tips to allow you to still benefit from its services. Know first of all that free consultations are offered throughout the territory. To know the places near your home, contact a house of justice and law or a center of access to law (CDAD). Free consultations are offered. But lawyers also give their advice free of charge in town halls, magistrates’ courts and high courts. So the motto is to find a free lawyer: find out, get in touch! The Dallas Horton Las Vegas Injury Lawyer happens to be the best there.

A lawyer at a lower cost: it’s possible too!

The first reflex is to go to your town hall to ask for vouchers. With a unit value of around 40 euros, they can represent a significant support in your lawyer’s budget. In addition, inquire with your legal protection insurance. The latter can be the subject of a specific contract or be included in your home, car insurance under conditions, these contracts can also support all or part of the fees of your lawyer. Finally, if you are a union member and you have problems with labor law, you can go to your union lawyer. Find ways to get reliable and personalized answers to your questions without paying anything.

On the Internet

Many sites offer free or low-cost legal information and offer advice from “lawyers”, “lawyers” or “experts”. Caution, however, because some of these sites are not led by real professionals, who is illegal). Few work for nothing or give detailed consultations for 25 euros. You risk unreliable advice, without guarantee (whereas a professional must take out liability insurance).

Among legal professionals

Nothing beats a meeting with a lawyer, notary or bailiff. Free consultations are organized everywhere by the professional orders. No resource condition is required to access it. But like any free service, the queue can be long, it’s the price to pay.

Because those who grant these consultations, motivated young people as well as seasoned veterans, are not professionals at a discount: they have chosen to devote a little of their time to these interviews.Remember to bring all the documents concerning your business and be concise, because if there are people, the consultation will not drag on.

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